As a leader, it is important to understand your role in both exciting and stressful situations. Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, the roles of leaders around the world have only become more important. As small and large businesses alike deal with the impact that the pandemic has had, leaders need to understand how to respond to the situation in the best way possible. If you are a leader that is looking for helpful tips throughout the coronavirus pandemic, make sure to check out the following advice

Communicate & Be Transparent
In difficult times like the coronavirus pandemic, it becomes more important for leaders to communicate clearly and be transparent about the situation. Companies that focus on clear communication can help employees feel more comfortable with the ongoing situation and are likely to appreciate the leader’s commitment to transparency. Leaders should provide ongoing updates about the company throughout difficult situations, and give employees the plan of action in response. 

Focus On Company Culture
For many companies, the coronavirus pandemic forced the workforce to work remotely for the first time. While working remotely can create additional boundaries in maintaining positive company culture, it is important to make it a priority. Companies can use a virtual video platform like Zoom or Skype to arrange weekly meetings to check-in with how employees are doing. One way that more companies have encouraged company culture is by holding virtual happy hours, which gives employees the opportunity to unwind and socialize with coworkers. 

Another great strategy is to encourage different departments to engage in team-building activities. This could include playing a round of online scrabble as a team. This not only gives coworkers the opportunity to relax, but it can also help strengthen relationships within the direct team. 

Be Empathetic
For countless employees, the pandemic has forced them to adjust to a new, remote work schedule. While working from home will be a smooth adjustment for some, others may have outside factors like kids or roommates that make it harder to concentrate. Leaders should not only understand the new factors while working remotely, but they should be empathetic of the ongoing situation. Be flexible and accommodating to employees while they find the right balance of working from home and provide assistance when possible.